North Bay, San Francisco

Based in San Francisco Bay Area 

SPECIAL OFFERING: Private guidance sessions utilizing Tamalpa Institute’s Somatic Based Expressive Art Therapy assisting individuals through life their process. Especially extended to those navigating any stage of a health diagnosis, surgery, treatment, recovery or integration period. These sessions are offered by donation. More information about sessions here.

I was recently invited to write about this work for a journal offering resources to women with breast cancer


I assist people who:

-desire improved physical, emotional and mental function in interactions with self, others and environments.

-have a health goal or are navigating a health challenge.

-are integrating a significant life event and/or desiring a more harmonious, integrated life.

In developing their ability to:

-experience an embodied life

-access their innate creative wisdom

-find their own best answers


“If your body could speak, what would it say?”-Daria Halprin