“Somatic” from the from Greek- somatikos- refers to bodily experience as distinct from thinking mind. Somatic practices foster learning to track our physical body sensations, understanding our anatomy and physiology to promote effective physical function and recognition of the unique ways the physical interacts with our emotional and mental realms. Through these practices we can come to embrace our body as the lifelong container of our human experience.  Experiential learning-to learn through experience- is a key element in somatic education leading to successful growth and positive change. Elementally such learning contains action, sensory experience of action and recognition of experience. I invite you to this exploration as a supportive guide.

I began formal somatic studies, including massage therapy, in 1988 at Hampshire College where I received a BA with a fine art major. I attended a full program at Florida School of Massage in 1999. I have 30 years of training and personal practice in somatic movement including chi-gong and improvisational dance. On a journey with breast cancer since 2010, I am living well with strengthened dedication to my work and informed perspective of associated challenges. I relocated to North Bay, San Francisco in 2015 to study somatic based expressive art therapy at Tamalpa Institute with field pioneers Daria and Anna Halprin. I am currently assisting individuals in navigating their health as well assisting clients with a broad spectrum of needs.

View my current art project “Find the Ocean” at: http://katharinedoughty.com

Therapies offered are not a substitute for physical or psychological medical treatment. It is commonly recommended to consult your Doctor prior to beginning any new health routine, therapy, or exercise.

AMTA #1365058, California Certification #71791, NCTMBA#283529-00