Movement Education

30-60 minutes: $30-$60

Gentle body awareness exercises, coupled with structural anatomy and physiology are applied to improve client health and wellbeing. Sessions focus on overall body awareness, range of motion, strength and flexibility and provide resources for navigating physical and social environments. Sessions offered in person or by video.

Health Navigation

60 minutes: $40-125 sliding scale

Through ongoing training, engagement in the field and my experience living well in long term treatment for cancer, I possess keen listening and dialogue skills to assist individuals with their treatment. For individuals navigating diagnoses, injury, surgery, or health goals. Sessions offered in person or by video. Consultations and presentations also offered to healthcare providers and organizations on patient centered care, integrative medicine and self care.

Somatic Based Art Therapy

60-90 minutes: $40-125 sliding scale

Beginning with recognizing the body as the vessel for our entire life experience, I assist you in accessing your innate wisdom and developing your own resources though movement, drawing, writing and dialogue . Sessions are client led and can take a variety of formats based on individual needs, as your unique body centered mythology, personal narrative and movement language emerges to accompany you through your processes of self discovery, challenge and healing. The approach to creativity can be called “high sensitivity/low skill”-No prior interest or training in the arts is needed. Less experience may serve you well. My career as a intermodal artist, somatic practitioner and student of Anna and Daria Halprin form the framework for my approach to this modality. Sessions offered in person or by video.

Massage Therapy

60 minutes: $95
75 minutes: $115
90 minutes: $140

My signature style integrates flowing, Swedish, focused releasing trigger point work of Neuromuscular, light application connective tissue, and energetic qualities drawn from studies in Shiatsu, Polarity, and Craniosacral therapies coupled with my innate wisdom. “Deep tissue” -extra firm application of pressure- is not my usual focus, though can be successful when approached comfortably for both myself and my client. Any of the above techniques can take the lead in a session depending on client needs and expressed preference.